Tempo is headquartered in Geneva and its name selected due to our ​quitting the job​ commitment to quality, precision, singularity, reliability, tradition, design, innovation … these are a few characteristics that reflect the Swiss watchmaking industry; know-how that has its origins in Geneva and is reputable for producing timepieces that are small yet highly complex, traditional but still avant-garde.


Tempo logo illustrates the mechanism applied to our teamwork approach which is aligned with our clients’ views and put together to constitute an ideal response to produce coherent results from concept to operations, and exit.


In Hinduism, yellow is the colour of knowledge and learning. It symbolises happiness, peace, meditation, competence and mental development. It is the colour that activates the mind. Yellow is the colour of Vishnu’s clothes and designate the four Veda (knowledge).

The meaning of yellow in psychology is the colour of the mind and intellect. In business, yellow represents enlightenment and uplift which stimulates the analytical process and assists with mental clarity. 

Grey is the colour of neutrality and mediator between black and white. Its neutrality makes the mind calm and stable. It is associated with being modest, intelligent, reserved and mature. It defines dignity, class, elegance, and compromise. The grey matter refers to the brain.

The meaning of grey in psychology is the colour of compromise. In business, grey represents neutrality and conservativeness. Most importantly, it implies security and reliability.