Mont-Blanc high mountain trail

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Tempo Voyage organize its first high mountain trip in Chamonix for a Brazilian agency specialized in mountain climbing. This first group of 08 people will spend 09 days in the region with everything included; hotel, mountain refuge and all transport logistics such as cable car and train between the village and the mountains. The trip starts with a one-day ascendance to the Gran Paradis (4061m) and acclimatise to the altitude. After a moment of rest, the group proceeds to Europe’s rooftop ascendance, the Mont Blanc (4808m according to the last measurement of its summit in 2015), in a three-day journey accompanied by specialised local guides accredited by the UIAGM (International Union of Mountain Guides’ Associations).

Tourism Strategy

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Tempo Hospitality carries out a mission to study, propose and support the Association of Local Communities in the conceptualisation for a common tourism strategy. The mission equally intends to define a master plan for the development of competencies, the establishment of thermal activities and the strengthening of the resort Léchère-les-Bains positioning. This is inevitably translated into a programming calendar of investment needs, of an economic and operational balance sheet, the development of a financial plan, and a strategy to manage the tourism and thermal development which will result from it.

Piscine Global Trade Show Europe

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“The aquafitness is a perfect example of the balance enters the supply and demand. This activity meets the needs of well-being and entertainment of the users who look for shared activities. At the same time, it increases the attendance in aquatic centres or collective swimming pools and, consequently, their turnover.” Testimony Gérard André during the Show.

Laquafitness BLOG

Thermal Resort

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This thermal resort, the only destination alike located within the Paris region, decided, in a forward-looking vision, to lead a reflection on the strategy, on the territorial development as well as on the redeployment of its balneology. It is currently renewing its public services covering in particular the thermal and hotel activities, but also the casino which is the first in France by turnover. The destination entrusted Tempo Hospitality with a mission to undertake an overarching discussion and reach possible solutions.


Tempo embarked on an inventory of existing infrastructure and service offers in relation to balneology, extending the diagnosis by identifying opportunities for development as well as by revealing possible orientations to its thermal activities. The mission intended to answer in particular, the thermal positioning of the resort in view of the demand arising from the greater Paris region; existing and future expectations. Tempo equally produced a number of supporting documents allowing the destination to launch a call for projects and to identify potential financing opportunities in particular with Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations.
Tempo Hospitality also collaborated in the writing of a terms of reference for the City with the viewpoint of the upcoming renewal of its public service delegation contract.

Thermal Centre

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Tempo Hospitality undertook a market study and a programming mission for a new thermal establishment, a “balneario,” intended for the officials in charge of the city to launch an international competition to select a state-of-the-art provider to design and build the infrastructure, as well as to select the future developer and operator for the Centre.

Verbier Sports Centre

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Tempo Hospitality pursues its mission of support and advice within the framework of the concept and development of the new Sports Centre in Verbier. In 2017, besides technical support regarding operational exploitation for the Municipality and in close collaboration with the architects, Tempo is in charge of preparing the various contractual documents and necessary consultations, as well as the implementation of an international bidding process to select the future administrator of the Centre. This is in line with best practices in procedures for procurement contracts.

Tempo Voyage

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Tempo Hospitality launched a specific consulting service for individuals or travel agencies specialized on the body and mental well-being. A combination of sports activities linked with thermal care and\or yoga as well as the art of the chi. Tempo has conceptualised and developed routes in Portugal, in France, in Brazil and in Nepal. And currently, it is pursuing similar organisations in Italy and in Switzerland. Tempo is equally integrating voluntary work into Palestine in a close relationship with an environmental protection programme focusing on children and youth education to learn how to respect the environment. The support in Palestine intends to establish a crowdfunding programme to fund an Arboretum (Mashjar Juthour) infrastructure in Ramallah.


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FRANCE, Community of Communes from the Genevois

The CGC already has a great potential thanks to the Archamps Technopole, bringing together several major companies working in the fields of health, research and more generally in activities related to well-being. It is creating a new zone – land and buildings in order to accommodate eco-activities linked to the environment and sustainability.

Tempo Hospitality Has been entrusted with the task of analyzing, reflecting, proposing ideas and researching entrepreneurs and / or potential investors to develop one or more projects, particularly in the field of well-being, which could lead to their establishment on the specially dedicated grounds of the Ecoparc du Genevois.

Aquatique Centre

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STEINER SA, a large construction and public works company in Switzerland, requested Tempo Hospitality support in the development of a bidding proposal to build the future Centre Aquatique Région Morges. This project intends to identify and integrate highly skilled private companies to integrate a public-private partnership, and ensure the co-financing necessary to build and manage the aquatic centre in the Parc des Sports site in Morges. Tempo integrated the team putting together a conceptual note, a development plan, as well as building directives and its exploitation strategy. The procedure was a public tendering call for candidates capable of delivering on the project.

Tribuna Termal

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HEALTH TOURISM IN 2030 – prevention, one of the major challenges in the 21st Century

We could summarize the humanity’s history through a series of innovations, from the fire to the rocket, going through the writing. The means of transportation, for his part, radically revolutionized tourism, equally is currently happening in present time with the use of digital technologies. Relentlessly, the mutation is in process. It is technological, sociological, economical… and impact little by little, more and more, tourism and health politics.

Article by Gerard ANDRE (in Spanish)