Thermal Resort

By 15 January 2017 May 29th, 2017 Wellness


This thermal resort, the only destination alike located within the Paris region, decided, in a forward-looking vision, to lead a reflection on the strategy, on the territorial development as well as on the redeployment of its balneology. It is currently renewing its public services covering in particular the thermal and hotel activities, but also the casino which is the first in France by turnover. The destination entrusted Tempo Hospitality with a mission to undertake an overarching discussion and reach possible solutions.


Tempo embarked on an inventory of existing infrastructure and service offers in relation to balneology, extending the diagnosis by identifying opportunities for development as well as by revealing possible orientations to its thermal activities. The mission intended to answer in particular, the thermal positioning of the resort in view of the demand arising from the greater Paris region; existing and future expectations. Tempo equally produced a number of supporting documents allowing the destination to launch a call for projects and to identify potential financing opportunities in particular with Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations.
Tempo Hospitality also collaborated in the writing of a terms of reference for the City with the viewpoint of the upcoming renewal of its public service delegation contract.